Salah: United was successful in scoring a point in front of us … and Club creates


Liverpool winger Mohamed Salah stated that Manchester United was successful to get a point in front of them in the first round encounter, saying that coach Juergen Klopp creates incentives for them on a daily basis.

Salah said in his remarks to the “BN Sports” satellite channel: “Always the top six clubs appear well in matches between them.”

He talked about next Sunday’s Premier League meeting against Manchester United: “I hope we are in a good position in the match in order to get the three points.”

And he recalled the first round meeting, saying: “I think they appeared well in the first round match, the meeting was good from both teams, and we got opportunities that we did not take advantage of well and this is what made the difference with us.”

He continued: “We could score a goal at any time, and there was an opportunity in the last two minutes of the match, but they were successful to get a point.”

He added: “But in the end they played a good match in front of us and I hope to win the next match in order to make up for the last match.”

He concluded his remarks speaking on his technical manager: “Klopp motivates us to focus in the next game and not to be lazy and rely on the big difference in points, but it always moves something inside you to be excited for the next match.”


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