Saleh Juma launches a violent attack on Feiler and cites Syed Abdul Hafeez


Al-Ahly player Saleh Juma launched a violent attack on the technical staff of the red giant led by the Swiss Rene Vyler, after the player was excluded from the coach’s technical accounts during the recent period.

Juma said in statements to him: “The whole football field is attacking me now and everyone is ravishing my flesh and no one knows what is happening to me in the club and with the technical staff.”

The Al-Ahly player added: “What I am exposed to cannot be tolerated by any footballer or any other player man Whatever it was, I preferred silence for the sake of Al Ahly’s audience. “

He continued: “The beginning of my problem started with the arrival of Fyler to Al-Ahly Club at this time. I took a challenge with myself in order to prove my abilities for the new coach and get an opportunity to participate primarily.”

And he added: “I stared in the exercises remarkably for everyone and did my best, but I was surprised that I got out of Fyler’s accounts in a strange way, but at first I convinced myself that this was due to the large number of players in the club.”

The Red Genie star explained: “The shock came when one day there were only 21 players in the team’s training and we had some of the youngsters training with us in this exercise. Filer made a division of ten players in each team, and the shock is my exit from this division and I was the only player who happened with him This”.

Saleh concluded his speech: “At this moment, I almost died of sadness and sorrow for what happened, until Syed Abdul Hafeez tried to make my mind and support me, but I was at the top of my sorrow and was unable to go to exercise after, not today, and yet because of the bad treatment of Fyler.”


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