Sarah Nakhleh attacking Nancy Ajram: “With innocence, her husband is a murderer”


The artist and former Miss Syria, Sarah Nakhleh, came back to attack the Lebanese artist, Nancy Ajram, because of the incident of the young Syrian man killed in her home, after the charge of intentional killing of the Lebanese artist’s husband, Fadi Al-Hashem, today. “Nakhleh” published the news, through her personal account on the social networking site “Facebook”, commenting: “Oh Lord, but you will be happy for the moment … From the first day you said that the boy who was killed was not killed in the villa at all … The boy was killed by land of the villa for reasons She died with him, and I wish we knew it, the representative video of this production and production of the murderer, and the representation of the journalistic boy of the family whose name is Eli, because of the great similarity between him and the betrayed.

And she continued: “Uh, I am defending the oppressed son of Syria, and I said this from the first day, and the world did not tell you what was originally in the video … The husband of Nanusah is a murderer, and she knows how to do it, and I used to write her to Instagram on Instagram and delete it.” Which a number of followers interacted with, between the supporter of the artist’s words and the questioner as to why she attacked her.

One of them said: “You are straightforward.” Another said: “This is jealous of women.”

This is not the first time that Palm Nancy has been attacked, as she wrote before: “My life has always loved you by saying that it represents innocence and falsehood, and the first person who has the honor, laughed, is George Wassouf and Khaliki. I will talk about your honorable history.” And she continued: “16 bullets. Why did the boy die, on the basis that he was in the girls room, who was facing the kitchen, while he was drowning in his blood? Where are the girls ’room cameras? Where are the cameras of the rest of the rooms that your husband says is that he forgot the password that killed your husband who killed him earlier … Why on Instagram when you have the right. ”

It is noteworthy that the house of the actress Nancy Ajram was robbed, and her husband, Fadi Al-Hashem, the thief Muhammad Al-Mousa, who stormed their house in Lebanon, was killed, so the husband was arrested in the background of the accident at dawn last Sunday, before the court decided to release him and prevent him from traveling abroad until the investigations are completed. .

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