Saudi academic accuses Erdogan of kissing “Masonic” hand .. and singers refute


A widely circulated picture of the communication platforms of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, kissing the hand of an elderly person, caused a sensation and speculation about the man to whom the Turkish president bent.

The Saudi academic Ibrahim Al-Mutlaq, who is a professor of Islamic studies at Imam Muhammad bin Saud University, had posted the photo on his Twitter account and tweeted that Erdogan “accepts the hand of Rothschild Abu Masonry International”, directing his speech to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Al-Mutlaq sparked a wave of anger with his tweet, as respondents replied that the man was the famous Turkish historian “Khalil Ibrahim Inalcik”, who was a professor of Erdogan at the university, and he bent down and accepted his teacher’s hand in appreciation and respect for him.

And the comments that described the Saudi academic as “lying and slander” at one time and “ignorance” at another time, and activists published a biography and photos of the Turkish historian Enalcik to introduce him and fairness.

Professor Khalil Enalcik is at the forefront of specialists in Ottoman history worldwide, and in 2011 he received the King Faisal Prize, in recognition of his scientific achievements, most notably his book “The Economic and Social History of the Ottoman Empire”, establishing a new school in this field.

Enalcık was born in 1916 in Istanbul, graduated from the Faculty of Arts, Department of History at Ankara University in 1940, and taught Ottoman history in Turkish and foreign universities, and in 1993 Professor Inalcık donated his entire collection of books, references, and manuscripts related to the Ottoman history of the University of Ankara Library for which he dedicated a wing Especially bearing his name.

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