Saudi Arabia denies responsibility for hacking the phone of the owner of the Amazon company: a ridiculous accusation


The Saudi Embassy in Washington denied the allegations mentioned by press reports about the Kingdom’s spying on the phone of the founder of the “Amazon” company after his phone was hacked with a message sent by the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Saudi Arabia called for investigations to reveal the facts, and the Saudi embassy said on its account on Twitter, “The recent media reports that indicate that the Kingdom is behind the penetration of Mr. Jeff Bezos phone is ridiculous .. We call for an investigation into these allegations so that we can obtain all the facts“.

Saudi Embassy
Saudi Embassy

The Guardian newspaper reported that on May 1 of 2018, about 5 months before the killing of the Saudi journalist Jamali Khashoggi at his country’s embassy in Turkey, the owner of the “Washington Post” newspaper Gez Bezos received a message from the private number of the Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman via WhatsApp messaging app.

De Baker wrote on the Daily Beast website at the time: “Our investigators and many experts have determined that the Saudis have accessed the Bezos phone, and obtained special information“.

However, De Baker did not specify which agency in the Saudi government was responsible for the breach, and provided few details about the investigation that led him to the conclusion that the Kingdom was responsible..

On the other hand, a report by the British Business Insider website revealed that Jeff Bezos, founder and director of Amazon, lost more money than any other billionaire in 2019, but he remained the richest person in the world, as the value of the Bezos revolution decreased by 10.1 billion dollars this year, according to an index Bloomberg .

This decline was the second largest decline in the list of rich people this year, and it is slightly less than that experienced by media tycoon Robert Murdoch, whose net worth fell more than half, as it fell by 10.2 billion dollars to 7.8 billion dollars, after it was 18 Billion dollar.


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