Schubert prompts Al-Ahly fans good news about Moamen Zakaria


The journalist Ahmed Schubert revealed a position Zechariah Al-Ahly player from traveling to the United States, to receive the necessary treatment in order to return to the stadiums, stressing that the player has improved greatly, Schubert said on Radio On Sport, that he had contacted Moamen Zakaria to check on his condition, and the player assured him that he will return from Umrah tomorrow, Wednesday, After he traveled to Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah.

Schubert explained that he inquired from Moamen Zakaria about his late travel to America to receive treatment, despite the issuance of a visa to travel there a while ago, as the player assured him that he would travel within the next period, and that the reason for the travel delay is Christmas holidays.

He added that Moamen Zakarias voice was better in the last call that brought them together than was the case in previous calls, and it seems that there has been noticeable progress in the treatment of the player from the situation he reached.

Moamen Zakaria played with the Red Genie 150 games, he scored 42 goals, he participated in 93 games in the Premier League and scored 30 goals, as he played 12 games in the Egypt Cup and scored 4 goals, while he played 3 games in the Egyptian Super and scored one goal, and he played 40 games in the African championships and scored 6 goals, played two games in the Arab Championship and scored a single goal.

Zakaria had canceled his contract with a Saudi in February and returned to Al-Ahly without being registered, and it seemed clear that Zakaria suffers from the injury he described as “psychological,” which prompted the Egyptian football fans in general and Al-Ahly fans in particular to sympathize and announce their support for him.

Khaled Mahmoud, the doctor of the Al-Ahly Club, confirmed that Moamen Zakaria did not suffer from any muscle or organic injury or stadiums, explaining that the player suffers from a psychological condition that affects the nerves, which causes him to lose his physical fitness and makes him unable to give in the stadiums.

The management of Al-Ahly Club had announced that it would bear the costs of treating Zakaria in Germany, in addition to paying all its financial dues for the period in which it was absent from the team, in appreciation of it, and for being one of the loyal sons of the club.

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