Schweiker: I am having difficulty moving … and I pray to God not to afflict me with something I cannot tolerate – art and culture


Shweikar revealed the developments of her health, in light of the spread of rumors around her, over the past few days, confirming that she is in good condition, and that reports of her deteriorating condition are completely disgraceful of health.

“Shoikar” said during an interview with “Al-Watan”: “I am in good shape, thank God, and my health condition is improving all the time, but I have somewhat difficulty in movement and walking, so I have to sit at home, and do not get out of it, and there is a medical team He follows me from time to time, and so does the checks. ”

And she continued: “I hope that God Almighty will not cause me to suffer something that I cannot bear.” The pain was a lot and a long time. “I used to feel difficult pain in the body, but thank God I managed to pass this stage safely, and I pray to God to heal every patient.

“Shweikar” talks in an exclusive interview with “Al-Watan”, to be published in tomorrow’s Thursday, about her health condition, the rituals of her day after her departure from the artistic field, her attitude towards acting at the present time, her stations with the artist Fouad Al-Muhandis, her family, and some other details.


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