Scientists discover the weakest point of the most powerful being in the universe .. I know what it is


Scientists have highlighted several months ago the supernatural potential of the water bear, and described it as the most powerful organism on the face of humanity, despite its small size that can only be seen under the microscope, as it can withstand the harsh conditions and live on Earth and in space, in addition to its ability to challenge radiation, However, new research has shown that these super-strong microorganisms may have a weak point, which is long-term exposure to high temperatures.

According to the site Sciencealret American, the authors of new research said that their study shows the importance of understanding the impact of global warming caused by human climate change on all of our planet. In all parts of the world, global warming is already affecting plant and animal life, and some species are expected to better overcome changes Other species, such as cockroaches, for example, are adaptive.

Water bears, also known as TardigradesAmong the strongest known animals, there are about 1,300 known species, most of which range from 0.3 to 0.5 millimeters in length.

Aquatic bears live mostly in humid environments, whether with marine or freshwater sediments, and in algae, leaf remains and mud volcanoes, from the equator to the poles, and they also have small bodies with eight small winding legs.

In order for the water bears to remain active, they must be surrounded by water, when they need hibernation, they shrink their heads and legs, and dry completely.

Thanks to severe hibernation, water bears have survived five mass extinctions over the history of the Earth; a study conducted in 2017 found that the only way to eliminate them is to boil the oceans of the Earth that will happen one day, but it will not happen, we hope, for another billion years.


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