Scientists identify 4 major types of aging


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Scientists identify 4 major types of aging


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Scientists at the Stanford University School of Medicine announced that there are individual types of aging, and have identified four major ones.

And Nature Medicine reports that, during 2-3 years, experts of the Faculty of Medicine recorded the level of certain microbes and biological molecules (proteins, fats and metabolites) in 106 healthy people ages 29-75 years and followed how these indicators change over time. To do this, they periodically take samples of blood, saliva, urine, stool, and nasal and intestinal secretions and conduct genetic studies.

The researchers used 10343 genes, 306 blood proteins, 722 also and 6909 types of microbes as indicators. This helped them to identify 4 biological methods of body aging: metabolic (metabolism disorder), immune (decreased immunity), hepatic (liver work disorder) , And kidney (kidney problems).

The researchers point out that belonging to one of these species does not mean that the other species will not appear. Because the species indicates the trend of increasing vital signs of aging, but these types are not incompatible with each other and can come together.

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Experts note that the interesting thing is, these changes can be discovered in the youth stage. For example, in the case of metabolism, with age, the risk of diabetes increases, and the indicator here is hemoglobin A1c. In the case of the immune type, a high level of inflammatory index and a tendency to infection related to immunology are noted.

“The type of aging is not just a naming, because it helps people focus on the risk factors for their personal health and understand the areas in which they are likely to face problems in the future,” said Michael Snyder, head of the research team.

Source: Novosti

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