Security crackdowns in Shebin al-Koum, in preparation for the appeal of those accused of the murder of the “Shahama Martyr”


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The security of the compound of the Shebeen El-Koum Courts Complex, Adly Mansour and Anwar Sadat squares, City Council Square, Stadium Street and the governorate’s general district area, witnessed tight security measures, on Tuesday, in preparation for the consideration of the first hearings of the appeal of those accused of killing Mahmoud Al-Banna, known as the “Shahama Al-Shahama”, for their imprisonment.

The security measures were supervised by Major General Mohamed Nagy Abaza, Director of Menoufia Security, Brigadier Hani El-Beltagy and Brigadier Iman Moaz, Head of the Women Police in Menoufia.

Police cars and a number of armored cars were seen roaming the area, which witnessed demonstrations during the consideration of the first session of the case.

On December 22, the child criminal court of Shebin al-Koum sentenced Muhammad Rajeh and two others to 15 years in prison and 5 years in prison for the fourth suspect who aided the first escape.

The crime took place, on October 9th, and shook the parts of the city of Tala in Menoufia, and turned into a public opinion case, and the cities of Tala and Shebeen El-Kom witnessed demonstrations demanding the judge for the victim.

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