Security responds to a lady who sought help to protect her husband’s killers


Security follow-ups followed what was previously published in a newspaper about a citizen’s complaint, during which she was affected by the siblings of her husband’s killer who promoted narcotic substances in Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate, and threatened and intimidated her children.

The complainant (a housewife – residing in the Heliopolis Police Department) was summoned to her question, who reported that she was insulted, slandered, and broken into the windows of her shop by the brothers of the perpetrators of her husband’s murder, and requested that the necessary commitment be taken not to subject her and her children.

Summoning the complainant’s mother against them (a housewife – residing in the Heliopolis Police Department department), and by asking her, she stated that she was the second wife of the deceased “husband of the complainant”, and that after the incident happened she left her and her children and siblings in the Heliopolis Police Department department, and she currently resides in the Police Department department Ain Shams .. The necessary commitment has been taken on her and her family not to be subject to the complainant.

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