See .. 10 photos of Mahmoud Al-Aseily and his wife on the honeymoon in the Maldives


The star enjoys Mahmoud Al-Osaili To spend the honeymoon with his wife, a cosmetic expert, Umniah Abdul Moneim, in the Maldives, and Al-Osaili published many photos of him during his vacation, through his account on “Instagram”, to share his followers with his happy moments.



Umniah Abdel Moneim also shared a funny picture of them today, through her account on the “Instagram” website, and Al-Osaili appears in a strange expression on his face, commenting on her, saying: “We do not know his money.”




Al-Osaili held his wedding last Tuesday, and he celebrated his wedding, Friday, and earlier, Sunday, the star Mahmoud Al-Osaili incited to publish a set of photos via “Story”, his account on Instagram, while he was at Villana International Airport, which is the main international airport in the Maldives Al-Aseeli also published a picture of the cockpit, while the captain was in it, and he also filmed scenes of the sea in the Maldives. Al-Aseeli did not comment on any word.



It is noteworthy that in his first reaction to his marriage, Al-Osaili said through his accounts on social networking sites, “Tabat and Nabat, the white dress, your sense of what is today, tonight and finally the joy, songs I made from the first thing I started until today that I talked about in the family and stability Love and dependents .. Every song in them talks about a beautiful attitude and lifestyle. I was dreaming that I was living it. In fact, I tried in two experiences, it is permissible. I see the life that I dream about. It is realized on the ground. It will be a default by both parties, and it will be hard and fateful“.

Al-Osaili continued: “Failure is not old, but it was a defect, but the real catastrophe that many people work with is the continuation of failure and determination to misery because of external or imaginary circumstances. The songs are mine, and I hope from our Lord, the Most High, that I will have found them and be the righteous and the repentant. “

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