See … the American “Doomsday” aircraft from the inside


Aircraft YouTube channel “AirBoyd” has published a video clip of the “Boeing E-4B” plane known as the “Doomsday” aircraft from inside.

According to “Russia Today”, it is equipped with four powerful engines, and contains 18 bunk beds, six bathrooms, a kitchen, a meeting room and everything necessary to accommodate the American military and political elite.

The aircraft is used to protect the president, the Pentagon commander, and other senior US military commanders in the event of a nuclear war or emergency in the country.

The doomsday plane contains several advantages, the most important of which is its ability to communicate with anyone anywhere on the surface of the planet as well as providing support to analysts and strategists on board while flying .

Also, the American fleet’s 3-story planes can fly in the air for a whole week without stopping and contain high-tech devices that make their navigational devices and their body more tolerant of electromagnetic pulses .

What distinguishes that plane intended to withstand nuclear explosions and meteorite collisions is that it contains rooms equipped to run the country even in the event of a new world war, as it is equipped with means of radiation protection and electromagnetic shields capable of launching within minutes .

As for the willingness of this plane to take off at any time, the engine of that plane, which costs 223 million dollars, remains in operation for 24 days and throughout the days of the year without stopping. .


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