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The seventh day “inside Sadr Al-Mahalla Hospital, the second oldest hospital after the Abbasid chest, which was established during the reign of King Farouk in 1948 on an area of ​​21 acres, to serve patients in the governorates of the Delta after the spread of tuberculosis, and was established outside the housing block to prevent the spread of infection, and was managed by 10 managers since its establishment until right Now.

Oldest Chest Hospital (33)

Sadr al-Mahalla Hospital in Gharbia Governorate is one of the oldest and most prestigious hospitals in Egypt, and the second largest hospital for chest diseases after Sadr Abbasiyya Hospital, and Sadr al-Mahalla Hospital was established during the reign of King Farouk in 1948, on an area of ​​21 acres to serve patients in the governorates of the Delta, especially after the spread of tuberculosis among a number of A large number of citizens.

The hospital entrance is adorned with a memorial plaque on which the Misr Spinning and Weaving Company is inscribed .. The Chest Diseases Hospital in Greater Mahala, His Majesty Mawlana the Great King Faruq I prefer, deputizing for him in laying the main stone, His Highness the Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Ali Maher Pasha in the spring The first year 1359 AH, corresponding to April 1940 AD.

The hospital is witnessing the work of developing the efficiency of the departments and changing the beds, to provide a distinguished medical service to the patients who come to it from 4 governorates, and the hospital has punished 10 managers since its establishment until now, and they are Dr. Ali Abdul Rahman, Dr. Mustafa Khairi, Dr. Al Sayed Al Hawari and Dr. Mustafa Jamal, and Dr. Zain Al Abidin Awad, Dr. El Sayed Mohamed Fayed, Dr. Ezzat Khalil, Dr. Mohamed Adel, Dr. Ali El Shafei, and the end of Dr. Mohamed Haider since 2015 until now.

Dr. Muhammad Haider, director of the hospital, told “The Seventh Day”, that the idea of ​​establishing a chest hospital in Mahala is to establish a chest hospital that serves the governorates of the Delta, especially in light of the conditions of the spread of “tuberculosis” in that period, which required the establishment of this hospital to serve patients Tuber in the governorates of the delta, and the current hospital location was chosen outside the housing block, especially since tuberculosis is an infectious disease, and it needed to be treated far from the housing block, clean air and proper nutrition, in addition to specific types of medicines.

He added that the hospital has been implemented on the ground on an area of ​​21 acres, including 5 acres of buildings and 16 acres of unused spaces, leased as stadiums for the municipality club at 7 thousand pounds per month, after the land was expropriated from the owners, and work began to construct the buildings with the help of Misr Company Spinning and weaving in Greater Mahala, with a capacity of 500 beds. After the application of infection control and quality standards since the nineties, the number of beds has been reduced to 340 beds and serves the western governorates of Kafr El Sheikh, Menoufia and Beheira. The hospital receives patients from these governorates, and provides excellent medical service for chest patients.

He pointed out that the hospital has not witnessed development work since its establishment until 1990 and after 1990 it witnessed limited modernization and development work in the infrastructure, and new departments were created in the hospital and the entire infrastructure was changed and the family changed since 2015 at a cost of more than 40 million pounds.

He added, that the restoration works take place in two wings, the first was completed in the month of March and performs the service to the fullest. As for the second wing, the works are expected to be completed in the coming November..

He explained that the hospital includes 5 construction buildings erected on an area of ​​5 acres of a total of 21 unexploited acres, and this remaining area, which is 16 acres, is rented to the Mahalla Municipality Club with 7 thousand pounds per month for training on it, indicating that follow-up committees from the Ministry of Health visit the hospital from time For another, to follow up the development work taking place in the hospital, monitor observations and notify the contractor to avoid them, and the hospital was supported with beds and medical mattresses at a cost of 1.5 million pounds, and new hospital respirators and sterilization devices will be added to the hospital, as well as some medical equipment to suit hospital development work.

“Haider” indicated that the hospital includes the internal building and has 5 sections for men and 3 women sections, the outpatient and reception building, the warehouse building, the disease and allergy center building, and the laboratory building, and the hospital operates a free two-third system and the last economic one, and includes 15 distinct first class rooms, and an operations department For chest surgeries, it is considered one of the few hospitals that includes the chest surgeries department, and the hospital is still undergoing minor surgeries until the major operations department is received. The hospital also includes the only asthma and allergy center in the middle of the delta at Sadr Al-Mahalla Hospital, and the reception capacity is 6 beds and provides a continuous service For patients, and also outpatient clinics includes 6 internal and chest clinics for adults and children, as well as a surgical endoscopy section, and the introduction of the department of ultrasound in the diagnosis of chest diseases, and we diagnosed a large number of cases through the help of masters of chest diseases, and we hope to overlook the existing negatives, and be a chest hospital Al-Mahalla is like Sadr Al Abbasiya Hospital in the same services it provides to the highest level for patients.

“Haider” stressed that the treatment of tuberculosis in the “sixties”, it took two years, in that period a hospital theater was established that offers patients weekly shows to entertain them, especially since the tuberculosis patient was prevented from leaving the hospital for the duration of his treatment, just as the hospital was in it A vocational rehabilitation department to develop patients ’skills, but over time the vocational rehabilitation department turned into administrative offices and stores, as the theater was transformed into a hospital conference hall, indicating that tuberculosis treatments have evolved during the past years and the patient does not need to stay in the hospital for long periods and can complete treatment at home.

He pointed out that respiratory cancer is widespread among age groups and many cases have been diagnosed among patients attending the hospital, indicating that the hospital is now operating at half its capacity, and there is continuous communication with the contractor responsible for development work to complete the work by the end of October for the hospital to operate At full capacity.

“Haider” called on patients and visitors to the hospital to maintain order and clean the hospital until the hospital provides the service for the longest possible period, indicating that the untapped spaces in the hospital represent a major obstacle to represent a fertile environment for the appearance of snakes, reptiles and birds of prey, and fires erupt from time to time, and cost the hospital Thousands of pounds annually for cleaning to keep patients safe.

He also called on the Ministry of Health to take advantage of these vacant spaces to set up an emergency hospital serving Gharbia and the neighboring governorates, an educational hospital, or a hospital for one-day surgeries.

The director of Sadr Al-Mahalla Hospital thanked the businessmen for supporting the hospital with more than 3 million pounds in aid by providing central sterilization devices, sonar devices and intensive care equipment, providing medical products at a cost of 40,000 pounds per month, and the hospital support medicines and needs for the hospital to provide a service for frequent patients on her.

“The seventh day” obtained a copy of the Egyptian facts supplement in its issue No. 140 issued on Thursday 13 Dhu al-Qi’dah in 1367 corresponding to September 16, 1948, and it included the announcement of a royal decree from King Farouk I of Egypt to establish a chest disease hospital in Al-Mahalla al-Kubra district in the Mahalla al-Kubra district of the Western Directorate, After reviewing the expropriation laws for the public benefit No. 27 of 1906 and No. 5 of 1907 as amended by Decree Law No. 93 of 1931 and based on what was presented to us by the Minister of Public Health and the approval of the Cabinet’s opinion, draw us as follows.

It is considered one of the public benefits to establish a chest disease hospital in Al-Mahalla Al-Kubra district in Al-Mahalla Al-Kubra district in the Western Directorate (Project No. 7002, to be removed by usual methods and according to the established rules, the ownership of the land needed for this purpose, which covers an area of ​​20 acres, 2 carats and 33 arrows, is located in the aforementioned area and is shown in the wooden color on the attached drawing and shown with the attached notes With this decree, the ministers of public health, finance, and public works must implement our decree, each of them in relation to it.

The decision was appended to the signature of Al-Faruq by the order of His Majesty the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Mahmoud Fahmi Al-Noqrashi, Minister of Public Health Naguib Iskandar and Minister of Public Works Abdul Majeed Ibrahim Saleh.

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