Shame, Mr. .. Reda Abdel-Al blows a surprise about the details of his call with Saleh Jumaa


Reda Abdel-Al, a former player of Al-Zamalek and Al-Ahly, and the current technical director of Al-Mahalla Municipality, revealed details A telephone conversation between him and Saleh Juma, the player of Al Ahly, After criticism of the previous days.

Swiss coach Rene Weiler, Al-Ahly’s coach, had announced his position and requested that Saleh Jumaa leave the Red Genie, During the ongoing winter transfers.Reda Abdel-Al said in a video posted on his own YouTube channel:I spoke to Saleh Jumaa very honestly about his crisis with Feiler, and he told me: Feiler before he came to Egypt to take over Al-Ahly training, he watched some video tapes in the Egyptian league, and praised my performance and Ali Maaloul’s performance. “

Saleh continued his conversation with Abdel-Al: “When Feiler came to Egypt, In his first time, The coach decided to split The players for two groups to get to know us, I made two assists in my group’s 2-0 victory, and the Swiss then praised my performance. “

He continued: “Feiler excluded me from facing Equatorial Guineas Kano Sport in the 32nd round, without any reasons, I respected his point of view The Swiss coach did not speak to me badly. “

On this matter, Reda Abdel-Al indicated that Feiler removed Saleh Juma from his accounts due to the incitement of one of the Al-Ahly board members to the player.

Reda Abdel-Al added, That Saleh Gomaa felt Fyler’s frequent and continuous disregard for him, as well as his exit from the divisions, and the dependence on the beginners of Al-Ahly.

Abdel-Al directed some criticism of Feiler, saying: “In any case, she demanded the departure of Saleh Jumaa without seeing him on the field? He will leave on any basis? Why did he not take his chance to decide his evaluation first before demanding his departure?”

He continued on the details of the call with Saleh, saying: “Fyler recommended Sami shirts The assistant coach entered Saleh Jumaa for training in (the gym), but the player refused, and the manager of the ball, Sayed Abdul Hafeez, interfered to speak with Saleh, and he apologized to him.

Saleh Jumaa Syed Abdul Hafeez asked that he be given leave for three days, because he feels frustrated, and indeed the ball manager agreed and assured him that he will communicate with him, but he did not do so, then the player was surprised by Abdul Hafeez’s statement saying that he was absent from the exercise for 4 days.

Abdel-Al concluded his speech by directing A message to Sayed Abdel Hafeez saying: “A defect, sir. You do not have a conscience in it, nor do you eat a living, you give it leave and then you go out saying it is absent from training? Blemish … Saleh Gomaa is a talent and one of the best players in Egypt, As long as you do not want to His survival dispensed with him (Do not be merciful, do not deny the mercy of our Lord)“.


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