Shanab Amir Karara stops him in a police ambush .. Video


Artist Amir Karara said that after he shaved his hands, he was exposed to many embarrassing situations that some people did not know.

Karara added during today’s episode of “DMC Evening,” which is presented by the media “Ramy Radwan _ Iman Al-Hosary”, that after presenting a number of artworks and the role of the police officer, he became loved by the police officers and trustees.

Karara recounted, a situation he suffered from a police officer in one of the ambushes, who was very disturbed by the form of Amir Karara due to shaving his hand, echoing: “The officer did not know me and stood by me, so he kept asking me who you are and what he is doing ..

He pointed out that he shaved his cross, for his role in the series Al Akhtiyar, which embodies the personality of the famous martyr Ahmed Al Mansi, famous for the legend, noting that there is a big difference between Salim Al Ansari’s fictional character in the Kalbash series, and the forgotten hero who presented real championships on the ground.

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