Share with condolences .. Farewell, great artist Magda El-Sabahy


She just departed from our world, the great artist Magda Al-Sabahi, at the age of 89, participated in solace.

She presented to the cinema a number of the most important social, religious and national films, of which a number was classified in the list of the 100 most important films in the history of cinema, her personal life carries some features of the characters that she presented on the screen, she belongs to the Al-Sabahi family known as the Menoufiya Governorate, which owns many properties in the village of Masti of the Center Quesna, and her father was a senior employee of the Ministry of Communications, and her real name is Afaf Ali Kamel Ahmed Abdel Rahman Al-Sabahi and she studied in French schools, and during her studies in nuns schools and before she reached the age of 15 years, Magda went on a school trip to the Shubra studio, and the director Saif Al-D saw her Yen Shawkat, and found the specifications of the girl he is looking for to star in the movie “The Adviser” in 1949 in front of Ismail Yassin, the girl agreed without telling her family and filmed the movie secretly at school times, and the family conditions served her during this period, as her mother was sick and had surgery inside one of the Hospitals, her father at work all the time, her brother Tawfiq is busy with his business and her brother Mustafa Talib at the Police College and her older sister is busy with her fiance in preparing for marriage preparations.


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