Shawky Al-Saeed: El-Gouna defeated Zamalek with the trick of “mineral water”


Shawky Al-Saeed, a former player in Zamalek, confirmed that the current problem of the White Club is to create justifications for the players, noting that he had harmed Al-Ahly player Walid Suleiman in a match.

Al-Saeed said, in statements to “Time Sports”: “The problem of Zamalek at present is to create justifications for players, for example when it is talked about the existence of magic.”

He added: “The player, of course, his level can be affected when he hears these things.”

He continued: “When I played for El Gouna under the leadership of Anwar Salama in the presence of the journalist as director of the ball, we were facing Zamalek under the leadership of Hossam Hassan.”

He continued: “The duo knew that Hossam Hassan believed in some matters of optimism, pessimism and magic. Mineral water was sprayed in front of the Zamalek dressing room only.”

He continued: “Hossam Hassan refused his players to enter the stadium for a long time, and after the match Zamalek lost 1-2 and talked about magic and business, and caused his players to be convinced that they will not win because of these things.”

He explained: “I play with strength and roughness, but I do not intend to harm anyone, I do not give the attacker freedom on the field and therefore skirmishes occur.”

He stressed: “Walid Suleiman is the one who talked about my being using sharp machines in playing. In one of the top matches, I violated the violent intervention against him and I wanted to cause him harm. He exceeded my right and informed Hossam Ghaly, the leader of Al-Ahly at the time, but Walid did not respond, so I entered him strongly.” .

He concluded by saying: “Walid Suleiman is a harmful player, if you do not play with him strongly, he will harm you. You should review this through the videos.”


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