Shawky Gharib: Salah’s participation with us in the Olympics is in his hand and Liverpool


01:39 AM

Thursday 30 January 2020

Books – Mustafa Al-Gretly:

Shawky Gharib, coach of the Olympic team, said that his team received offers from the UAE, Spain, Japan and Korea to play friendly matches. The Football Association treasury will not cost any money but rather the costs of accommodation and travel will be paid to us.

Gharib led the Olympic team to crown the Africa Cup of Nations under-23 championship to secure the qualification card for the upcoming Olympics.

“I asked not to face any teams that will not qualify for the Olympics. There are 12 teams that qualified and I need two games in the stopping period in March, unlike the next stopping period,” Gharib added, during an intervention on the Sports channel on Thursday morning.

On the summoning of Mohamed Salah, the Egyptian professional in the ranks of the Liverpool team to participate in the Olympics, Gharib replied that the period of the Olympics is witnessing a period of preparations for the European teams for the leagues, so the decision to participate in the Olympics will be in the hands of Salah and his club Liverpool.

The coach of the Olympic team expressed his concern that the guardians of the Olympic team do not participate in the Premier League with the exception of the Enppi guard, which makes him think of calling the guard of the largest and most experienced, especially that he will include only two keepers in the list of the team participating in the Olympics.


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