“Shawky”: The exam questions are not from outside the curriculum, but they are not from the book


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Dr. Tariq Shawky, Minister of Education and Technical Education, said that the modified evaluation system at the secondary level measures “the level of understanding of learning outcomes” and not memorizing the textbook. “Shawky” said in press statements through his official account on the social networking site “Facebook” that “exam questions are not from outside the curriculum while they are not from the book, but are linked to the learning outcomes explained in the book.”

He continued, saying: “Please adhere to our advice to prepare well using what we have provided on the learning platform in the knowledge bank while staying away from private lessons so that the result will be better.”
He added that the goal here is to “change the way you study” and make sure “you understand the objectives of the lesson” and not to search for exemplary answers to agreed questions.
“Shawky” continued saying that the exams are of medium level, of course, and the problem is insisting on preparing without real learning, adding that the systematic complaint is: “Whoever guides the curriculum! It is forbidden for our children to lose this! ”, Adding:“ The questions are not from outside the curriculum, and I confirm for the 100th time this is a misleading and unscientific phrase. ”
“Shawky” emphasized that these questions are put by a large number of teachers and professors at the National Center for Examinations on scientific grounds and international standards. He pointed out that exams in the whole world measure the understanding of learning goals and are not repetitions of a known agreed upon issue that we trained to preserve and restore, as this is not education, but it tries to obtain false degrees that do not reflect any understanding of what should have been understood.
“Shawky” stressed that the first and second secondary of this year are very “normal transportation years” without competition or influence on the total leading to university enrollment.
He continued, first secondary, paper-tested “at the management level”, which means that there are 270 different exams (such as every year), and the second secondary is electronically tested for a smaller number of “different difficulty models”.
The minister said: “These exams must be used to get used to the quality of the new questions, to draw out suitable preparation methods in the future, and to realize the lack of usefulness of private lessons for this type of evaluation.”
“Shawqi” emphasized that the idea of ​​unequal opportunities does not exist in this regard, and no one’s right is lost because it is a year of transmission and because the goal is to move to the higher year only.
He added: «We detected a limited number of cases where electronic fraud was done through the complicity of the supervisors of the committee and some students by passing a mobile phone to photograph the screens and send them in search of answers, and unfortunately, the direct or electronic fraud was the one followed in the transportation years through years and no one has complained before! ».
He stressed: «The electronic exams have succeeded in reducing fraud cases compared to previous years. The cheater student bears the responsibility for choosing him, as he loses himself the opportunity to get used to the new system and will not find an opportunity to cheat on the third secondary exam in the summer of 2121 and only blame himself.
He continued: «For those who shout at the lack of equal opportunities and the right of our children, I say there is no logic in this basis because we are in a transfer year and because there are no lost rights for those who worked and tried and learn, but the rights that are actually lost or opportunities lost are for these cheats themselves and not for those who worked. The minister concluded, “My complete confidence is that our children are able to learn if they are determined, even if the teachers are sincere to the goal and believe in the necessity of the parents.”

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