Shawqi Al-Saeed: I participated in front of Al-Ahly as a substitute by the decision of Murtada


Shawky Al-Saeed, former defender of the Zamalek club, confirmed that he had previously participated in a confrontation against Al-Ahly as an alternative, based on the decision of Mortada Mansour, the club’s president, while Mohamed Helmy was a technical manager.

Al Saeed said in statements on Time Sports channel, that my dream could not refuse to implement the switch and push it during the second half of the game, after he warm up without returning to the coach.

The former Zamalek player said: “While Mohamed Helmy was present, then Moamen Suleiman and then Inassio and Mohamed Salah were subjected to great injustice, the injustice was from the Quartet, all of them wronged me.”

He continued: “We were facing Petrojet in a match and presented a wonderful performance and everyone praised me, and in the next confrontation with Al-Ahly I sat as a substitute by a decision of Mohamed Helmy.”

He added: “During the break, Mortada Mansour spoke to Muhammad Hilmi and told him how Shawqi Al-Saeed sat as a substitute. Then he asked me to warm up, so I did it without consulting the coach.”

He concluded: “The change has already occurred and I entered the stadium in the second half, and Muhammad Hilmi could not refuse it, everyone knows that this switch was from Mortada Mansour, who told me of the stands – get off the stadium -“.


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