She accused a student of molesting her .. President of Aswan University arrested “teaching assistant” for 3 months (details)


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Dr. Ahmed Ghellab, President of Aswan University, decided to stop a teaching assistant at the university’s Faculty of Physical Education from work for three months and refer her to a disciplinary board for not complying with an investigation within the university to ask her about the accusation of a student harassing her inside the exam committee, and to submit a communication in the Aswan Police Department accusing the student of harassment It out.

Was «Kh. a. AR », an assistant teacher at the college, accused M.M., a student in the second year of the Faculty of Physical Education, of harassing her, and touching sensitive parts of her body, while the student was performing the exam inside Committee 6, and the student was arrested and referred to the prosecutor who ordered his detention pending investigation and renewal His 15 days.

On the other hand, the student’s father narrated to “Al-Masry Al-Youm” a narration contrary to what was stated in the reporter, where he said that his son asked the teacher to give him some time to complete his answer minutes before the end of the exam time to answer a question, and she withdrew the answer sheet, and a dispute occurred between them And she said to him, “Get righteous, animal.”

The memo of the investigation committee presented to Dr. Ahmed Ghallab, President of the University, stated that the reasons for referring to the Disciplinary Board and suspension from work came for several reasons, that the Dean of the Faculty of Physical Education was informed of the summons of the complainant to attend on January 5, but she did not attend without any excuse or apology, as she moved The committee of the college’s headquarters learned that she had left the college, and she was summoned to the January 11th session and did not attend. By asking about it, it turned out that she was not present in Aswan and presented a sick leave. Legal and freed the policeman record No. 19 of the year 2020 the first administrative department of Aswan, was credited 94 total Aswan.

The memorandum added: “Since the repeated summons and the absence of the complainant more than once and the absence of any apologies or excuses for not attending, as well as the lack of seriousness on the part of the complainant to complete the procedures for a period exceeding 12 days, which indicates a failure to observe the university values ​​and traditions, what has been recommended From conversion to disciplinary board and suspension from work 3 months ».

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