She is married for two months … the story of Dr. Samah, the victim of the doctor’s microbus


05:01 PM

Wednesday 15 January 2020

Minya – Muhammad al-Nadi:

Dr. Maryam Aziz, who was saved by the fate of the terrible microbus accident on the regional road in Helwan, revealed that her colleague, Dr. Samah Nabil, who was killed in the accident, did not pass her two months ago.

The doctor said that her classmate was a batch of 2016, and she was on her way to training in a breast cancer campaign in Cairo, but the amount is urgent.

Maryam added that she refused to follow the instructions by going to the training of breast cancer campaigners in Cairo, accompanied by her colleagues, because of her young girl.

The doctor said, in statements to “Masrawy”, that the dead and injured in the accident are doctors in health units and medical centers, and that the doctors were surprised last Monday by informing them of the health department about the training date, scheduled on Wednesday, noting that they demanded that it be postponed until the reservation in the train for fear of accidents Roads, given the weather, the request was rejected and threatened with a sanction.

Dr. Maryam added that, due to her fear for her young girl about the temperature drop, she refused to respond to pressure, and did not go to training today.


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