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Friday 17 January 2020

I wrote – Yasmine Al-Sharqawi:

The able artist Nadia Rafik passed away in the early hours of this morning at the age of 85, and Rafik was distinguished by the role of the mother in the Egyptian cinema.

We review the most important information about Nadia Rafik according to a previous private dialogue by Masrawy:

– She entered the artistic field and did not exceed her eight years of age in 1934, on the national radio, and she said about it: “There was one person coming” and “The children of Hatta”, and I was famous among them that I am naughty and love to sing and dance, touched me in preparation for acting, and accompanied us to make a program On the radio, I remember very well the song that we used to sing in the program, “Show Nono Nadia .. Sweet, Shatrah and Hadia”.

– She worked on the radio with Zouzou Nabil, Rafia El Shall and Rouheya Khaled.

– She wrote the first series when she was fourteen years old, and she said about it: “In the past the author of the work was responsible for selecting the actors, director and music, and the wage was 3 pounds, and at that time Anwar and my grandfather was also writing for the radio, and on one occasion I heard him say:” The left bit remains You take a uniform.

– And she faced difficulties at that stage, as she said: “There were no records, and if the audience asked to repeat the series, we would introduce the work again.

– She stopped composing after her marriage, then returned to him in the 1950s, and wrote a number of parties and radio series.

– She was afraid of acting and working on television, and she said: “TV director Mohamed Mahmoud Shaaban asked me to join the TV for 4 times the fee on the radio, but I refused and at the time I was married and had children, and although my family did not object to my work, I was afraid of Cinema acting.

– And about the nature of her fear, the late artist confirmed that she was afraid of kisses and naked clothes: “The TV at the time had a number of prohibitions, so it was forbidden for the artists to wear” text of the sleeve “, and it was a condition that the clothes be modest, to the extent that Karima Mukhtar told me in one of the The times that in one of the scenes of the series she was going to marry a person, and when he held her hand her family objected and said how to put his hand on your hand, and “they made it work.”

– On her first work on television, she said that she started with the role of the mother. I even represented the mother’s personality for artists of my age and artists older than me, including Mohsen Sarhan in the radio series “Samara”, as I am the mother of all actors in Egypt.

– She said that Youssef Al-Hattab, the head of the drama at the time, told her about presenting the role of the mother to those of her age: “Your voice is about the motherhood,” and this sentence I still remember.

The great artist, born in 1935, embodied the mother’s character in a number of important works, most notably: “Tut Tut”, Me and You and Papa in the Apricot, Dream Nights, Adam’s Children, People of the Summit, so as not to suffocate love, dreams of the Flying Boy ”, and other works.

The series “Bab Al-Khalq”, which was shown in 2012, is the last of the great artist’s works, and she appeared in limited scenes, after which “Nadia” did not appear in any TV or cinematic work.

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