She smashed her head in a tattoo. A worker kills his mother for bad behavior in Sohag


Major General Hassan Mahmoud, Sohag Security Director, You may receive a signal from Gerga General HospitalOn the arrival of “Zainab A.A.”, 45, a housewife and the center’s center, a “dead body” claiming a fall from altitude, moved to the location of the incident, the warden and officers of the center’s investigation, and following the report of the health inspector reported that she had a skull fracture that led to Internal bleeding in the brain It cannot be confirmed because of death.
Investigations by the Center’s Investigations Unit concluded that the son of the deceased “Al-Husayni. By assaulting his mother Hit with a tattoo stick, which resulted in her injury and death.
The suspect was arrested, and upon his confrontation he admitted to committing the incident, due to a reason Misconduct And get rid of the stick in one of the banks next to their house.
Edited minutes of the incident, and Ali’s offer The Public Prosecution I ordered a forensic autopsy to perform an autopsy to explain the cause of death and permission to be buried afterward.

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