She talks for the first time … the wife of the Syrian murdered man sends a shocking message to Nancy Ajram … video


The Lebanese TV station, Al-Jadeed, conducted a meeting with the wife of the Syrian victim, Mohammed Al-Mousa, who had been shot by Fadi Al-Hashem, the husband of Nancy Ajram.The wife of Muhammad al-Musa said: “I mean, if my husband was going to steal, would he go to Nancy Ajram’s house?”

On the other hand, the Lebanese forensic medicine issued its report in the case of the murder of the Syrian youth, Mohamed Hassan Al-Mousa, by Fadi Al-Hashem – the husband of the actress Nancy Ajram.

The pathologist said that the Syrian youth received 18 bullets in his body, as follows: one shot in the right forearm, two shots in the left shoulder, one shot under the left armpit, 3 shots in the chest, two shots in the abdomen, 7 shots in the back of the body and on the back , And a left thigh shot.

Evidence in the report indicated that there was a suspicion that another person had contributed to the killing of the Syrian youth, as there was one person hitting the fire from the front, and another from the back.


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