Shocking news from Microsoft for “Windows 7” users


On Tuesday, Microsoft officially suspended technical support for Windows 7.

The decision means that the old operating system will not get updates, and any security vulnerabilities that you may discover will not be filled, which is a serious problem due to the increasing number of newly discovered security holes, which are used to leak malicious software and malicious code to computers.

Experts advise that it is necessary to switch to using the copy of Windows 10, the last operating system from Microsoft, as this system accepts the installation key for the version of Windows 7, as long as it is present with the version of Windows installed on the device, if the copy is original and not pirated. The user must also perform an operation Back up all data.

Windows 7 started operating in 2009, and it is very popular with Windows computer users, some of whom ignored the system update with the advent of Windows 8, and then had to upgrade their devices to Windows 10 with the purchase of new devices.

Some believe that the company’s decision is commercial to push users to buy the new operating system, while others believe that the Windows 7 system is old and does not address modern electronic attacks, which necessitates the use of new, safer software.


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