Sittin after Barcelona training: Yesterday I was walking with cows


Barcelona coach Kiki Sittin said he was not dreaming of being on the coach’s side for Barcelona, ​​and that he was waiting to be the coach of a team struggling with relegation.

Sittin described himself as “emotional” as he was a fan of Barcelona and a lover for Argentine footballer Lionel Messi, and confirmed that he would cry hard on the night of Messi’s retirement.

“Yesterday I used to walk with cows in my village, and now I train Barcelona, ​​I never dreamed of this,” the former Real Betis coach said in comments to the press conference introducing him as a new coach to Barcelona.

He added: “Several months ago, I was waiting for the training of a team that is going through difficult circumstances, or maybe a team struggling to survive the relegation, but Valverde left me a team that tops the table of the Spanish league, I thank him for that.”

Seetin continued his talk about the former Barcelona coach saying: “I’ve always had a good relationship with Valverde, he is a wonderful man and a special opponent, and I appreciate the work he did, I talked to him and we communicated a lot, and I strive to continue to communicate more.”

About his expected work, the Barcelona coach said: “I hope that you will continue my work, because now I speak, but then there will be continuous work, we will be in the best position to present the best work, if I have to die for the players I will do so, we will try to get the best levels of Players, as well as each player to provide his best level. “

Regarding his previous statement that he would cry forever when Messi retires, Sittin said: “I have said that to a number of people, it is a special case, I cannot hesitate to say that I enjoyed watching Messi and these players a lot.”

Sittin continued to spin him in Messi: “He always does the best, brings something interesting to view, today I sit for the best coach in the world, so far I don’t feel what’s going on.”


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