Skulls on the surface of the water, 8 warplanes crash, millions of losses … What happens in Israel?


The Hebrew media released today, Tuesday, details of what happened in Israel during the past hours due to the bad weather wave, which led to the spread of skulls on the surface of the water and the crash of 8 warplanes.And the media explained that the storms caused the destruction of a cemetery, which led to the spread of skulls on the surface of the water in Karmiel Beach in northern Israel.

Storms and rain also hit advanced Israeli warplanes, and led to the crash of 8 aircraft at a military base in southern Israel.

Heavy rains across Israel damaged combat aircraft and maintenance equipment at an army base in southern Israel, where warehouses and repair workshops were flooded.

The Hebrew newspaper “Haaretz” said that the Israeli Air Force was forced to rescue the soldiers being accommodated in the area near the aircraft, and no injuries were reported.

The newspaper estimated the losses in the tens of millions of Israeli shekels.

Torrential rain caused floods in many Israeli cities, which led to the sinking of many houses and towns, and the death of one person.

The newspaper quoted a senior Israeli Air Force official yesterday, Monday, that “eight advanced Israeli warplanes were damaged,” noting that “three of the planes were severely damaged, while five planes suffered less damage, and could return to service in the coming weeks.” “.

The Israeli official, whose name was not mentioned by the newspaper, added: “It would have been possible to prevent these damages, if the army prepared for a stormy weather in advance,” noting that “the planes that were transported from warehouses to the runways of the aircraft, at the base before the rainstorm, are still intact.” .

The newspaper pointed out that the Israeli army refused to disclose the number of stalled combat aircraft at the flooded base.

She said: “The rain water reached the top of the aircraft wings, and the planes were not withdrawn from warehouses and repair workshops until they were flooded, and some maintenance equipment was damaged beyond repair.”

“The army refused to answer whether any weapons, such as missiles or bombs, were damaged,” she added.

It quoted the Israeli army as saying: “Because of the harsh weather conditions last week, sewage overflowed near the air force base in the south and flooded some parts of the base, causing damage to several aircraft that will be repaired and returned in the coming days.”

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