Slaf Fawakherji reveals her position on the Nancy Ajram crisis


Artist Slave Fawakherji broke her silence and commented on the case of the murder of the Lebanese artist Nancy Ajram’s house, and in a lengthy publication published on its official pages on social media platforms, expressed her great belief in the law.

She affirmed that there is unjust and wronged, and that justice exists on the ground, even if her proportions are low, and she pointed out that as an artist she cannot express her opinion on a subject whose image has not been completed before the judiciary.

She pointed out that she stands in the ranks of the oppressed person, regardless of his nationality, even though the Syrian was wronged by his brothers, stressing that the generalization is wrong and in every country there is good and bad.

The Syrian artist added that she supports her country’s son in the right, even if it is at the end of the world, noting that the actress Nancy Ajram and her husband, Dr. Fadi, will take their penalties if they are found to be involved in the case in a way deliberate .

Slav’s opinion on Nancy Ajram’s crisis:

She emphasized that the famous duo is one of the best reputable people in the artistic community, and no bad words were spoken against them one day, expressing that the shameful videos and songs are not worthy of people like them who have recently come out of misfortune.

Sulaf Fawakherji concluded her publication by mercy on her murdered son, Mohamed Hassan Musa He called on God to remove the injustice from every human being, and she asked the activists on the Internet to leave the role of the lawyer and the judge and wait for the final judgment in the case, which has become a public opinion issue, as it expressed its confidence in the Lebanese judiciary and the Arab and foreign lawyers who volunteered to achieve its causes without prejudice.


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