Someone insulting the mother of Makkah .. The Egyptians comments on Rasha Mahdi’s tweet by Mohamed Salah


A number of social networking pioneers launched the Twitter hashtag # Rasha Mahdi, who topped the list of the most heavily traded through social media, after the Egyptian pharaoh Mohamed Salah, Liverpool’s England player, scored his second goal at Manchester United and took off his shirt to celebrate with the fans.”Congratulations, Salah El-Joun-Helou, but Mtalqesh T-Shirt is coming again, O Heart of Egypt,” commented Rasha Mahdy, via her personal account on Twitter.

Many audiences interacted with Rasha Mahdi’s tweet, as the pioneers of the social networking site re-posted the tweet through their personal accounts, commenting on the tweet as follows:

“Congratulations, Salah El-Joun, sweet, but you do not leave the Ellison running for you quickly and rigid, so that it will be better for you to mess up with you and get pissed off, shoulder of Egypt. I was as if you were Rasha Mahdi”, “It is me, why don’t you say to me, the heart of Egypt, like Rasha Mahdi.”

The users also commented, “#Mohammed Salah is possible without embarrassment, Abu Salah Mqallaq, so let it be better that you like the voice of # Rasha_Mahdi”, “When Rasha Mahdi said to Salah, heart of Egypt
Mmmm, and what else? ”No, it turns over Rasha Mahdi Basus … someone can go to Mecca for the group, what is this clowning?”, “Rasha Mahdi is an artist with the taste of mother’s compassionate”


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