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Negligence is overwhelming, and they deserve sympathy, but why do some overlooks remain brutal with each other, cut into each other, rip apart each other, eat in some fish uniforms, I think it is the curse of the overpowering, and if the poverty was a man, long time they were overlooked good, overlooked with honor and dignity, they have edema and conscience, they have edema and conscience .

The overwhelming people were kind, forgiving them, the wealthy of chastity, the clean hands and the pronouns, the gentle of the situation, but they were the rich ones, the riches, the richness of the soul, they had the forbidden things, and the lawful ones were permissible, breaking the fast, and prohibiting them from being covered with humiliation and humiliation.

Their law is honor, and they eat it with honor, with dignity, they do not eat fire in their stomachs, they are forbidden forbidden, and forbidden to those who hear, they analyze and are deprived on their way, they hover over fever, it was permissible and forbidden between them and there were matters of suspicion between them, the desire for deprivation became a reality, and the halal receded, Our lives were desertified, we were barren in a time when no man’s land was leveled by the forbidden market.

The big one steals the small, normal and you get, but the little les steals the smaller, which is smaller than him, and your precursors, a series of thieves that are not bordered by misdemeanors or felonies, thieves do not seek prisons in this country, they are not bordered by bars, the thieves became common, and the forbidden became sinful!

Stubbornness, narrow hand and hardship of life do not qualify us for what we are of thieving, bribery, eating sahit and taking advantage of stray opportunities, they eat fire in their stomachs, they drink “7up” to cool the forbidden fire in their belly, some of them tired of “beer” as a burden to numb the conscience.

They are absent from the absent, and they walk among the people in a nimme, they eat the flesh of their brother, their father, their mother and their maternal aunt, and after death they share the corpse before the limbs have cooled, a hereditary media before the death certificate, and the legacy, his two sons, nest.

Even the beggar, who is most of the overpowering, begging for wellness, and if he spends it with good deeds, he reluctantly accepts a little, and turns the metal pound on both sides, as if he is demanding the right to invest in it. The caller takes you hostage until you pay the royalty, the trade in symptoms and receivables widens, and the bribery and the commissions became imitations, the water of honor in distant wells.

I see faces that have troubled, I see eyes that despaired of despair, I do not hear a remembrance, nor a praise nor a thankfulness.

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