Source in Zamalek: We don’t know the Mazembe match stadium


A source inside the Zamalek club confirmed that so far, no official letters have been received by the White Club administration to determine the stadium for the upcoming team’s confrontation against Congolese Mazembe.

Zamalek is preparing to face Al-Masry in the 14th round of the league competition, after that he will face Congolese Mazembe in the fifth round of the African Champions League, which the Football Association announced submitting its date to be on January 24 instead of January 25.

The source, who disclosed his name in special statements at Laila Koura, said that Zamalek is preparing to face Mazembe according to the date announced recently, but so far he does not know where the next confrontation will take place against Mazembe.

The Zamalek team managed to score 7 points after 4 games in the group to finish them in second place while Mazembe occupies the lead with 10 points in which he officially qualified for the next round.


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