Source: Majdi Yaqoub follows the health of the artist Khaled El Nabawy – art and culture


A source close to the artist Khaled Al-Nabawi said that the latter left the French palace Al-Aini Hospital Thursday morning, after he underwent surgery to install a stent in the heart, after his health improved.

The source pointed out, in statements to “Al-Watan” that “Al-Nabawi” had moved to a private hospital, regarding the completion of medical examinations, where he is subject to observation, under the supervision of Dr. Majdi Yaqoub’s medical team, who tracks his health permanently.

The source confirmed that the situation of the artist Khaled El-Nabawy has witnessed a great improvement during the past hours, after suffering a heart attack, a few days ago, after which he entered the palace in kind, to install a pillar in the heart.


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