Sources: Haftar refuses to supervise Turkey’s cease-fire in Libya


Informed sources told Al-Arabiya that Field Marshal Khalifa Hifter, commander of the Libyan National Army, rejects any interference, mediation, or Turkey’s participation in supervising the ceasefire in the country, pointing out that the Russian draft ceasefire ignored a number of the Libyan army’s demands.

The sources added that the provision to withdraw Turkish forces from Libya was not present in the truce, noting that Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar is cautious not to freeze the agreement signed between Fayez al-Sarraj, Prime Minister of the Accord Government and Turkish President Erdogan.She explained that Haftar stipulated that “Al-Wefaq” would not sign agreements without referring to the Libyan National Army.

Hifter had arrived in Benghazi after he and his accompanying delegation had left Moscow without signing the ceasefire agreement in Libya.

This comes as TASS news agency quoted the Russian Foreign Ministry as saying, “Moscow continues to work with the warring parties in Libya to find a settlement.”

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