Sources: Prisoner Mustafa Qassem was transferred to “Manial” before his death because of the high blood sugar level


Social media reported on the death of (an Egyptian citizen – who holds the nationality of a foreign country – Mustafa Qasim) in his prison due to his hunger strike.

On examination, legal sources confirmed that he was deposited with “Tora Liman” to implement the judicial ruling issued against him in one of the cases, and he was placed in Tora Liman Hospital to receive the necessary health care for his suffering from “diabetes”, and due to the development of his health condition, he was transferred to Manial University Hospital for his suffering from high The percentage of blood sugar and he was detained in the hospital where he died.

It is noteworthy that Egypt’s prisons in all governorates recently witnessed a development process confirming its commitment to implementing international human rights standards in the prisons file, as it provides healthy food for prisoners and industrial, agricultural and production projects from animal, poultry and fish production farms, which are among the most important ways to implement rehabilitation programs for inmates, and there is no way to achieve Prison food self-sufficiency, except for the prison sector’s development of existing projects and expansion of new projects that can accommodate larger numbers of inmates in an effort to improve their financial conditions and qualify them optimally.

The development processes witnessed by prisons did not stop there, but rather extended to the existence of health measures for inmates with both preventive and curative aspects, as soon as the prisoner sets foot in prison, he receives medical care if necessary, whether through prison hospitals or the ministries of health and higher education in case of exacerbation The matter.

In this regard, the prison sector was keen to visit the absorptive capacity of the medical family and the number of dialysis machines and operating rooms to take care of the health of the prisoners, and new wards were created for guests with special needs and equipped in a manner that suits their health condition.


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