Sources: There is no truth to the death of a police recruiter at Haroun Al-Rashid Square in Heliopolis


Some pages of the social networking site “Facebook” discussed the death of a police recruiter, “a service appointed to organize traffic in Haroun Al-Rashid Square in Heliopolis”, if he performed his work in the field, and by examination it was revealed that what was circulated in this regard was completely incorrect and detailed.

The Media Center of the Council of Ministers in its periodic report to monitor rumors monitored 14 rumors spread within a week .

The Ministry of Petroleum denied what was reported about Egypt importing large quantities of natural gas and turning it into a gas importer to fill the deficit from domestic consumption, stressing that there is no truth to Egypt importing large quantities of natural gas, with the aim of filling the deficit from domestic consumption, as the ministry clarified in the rumors monitoring report to the media center To the Council of Ministers that Egypt has succeeded in achieving self-sufficiency in natural gas since October 1, 2018, and has even become a source for it during the last quarter of the same year.

The ministry confirmed that the Egyptian private sector was able to reach agreements to contract to purchase gas from Israeli fields to pass through the Egyptian national gas network and be liquified by Egyptian liquefaction factories and export to Europe after that, in order to enhance Egypt’s project to transform into a regional center for trade and trading of gas and oil, stressing the high volume of Egyptian production from Natural gas daily to reach about 7.2 billion feet 3 gas per day, as well as saving about 1.5 billion dollars annually as a result of stopping the import of liquefied gas.

The Ministry also denied reports about the existence of a fuel crisis in the city of “Arish” in North Sinai Governorate, explaining that all petroleum materials are available throughout the province naturally, confirming that the fuel stations in the province are operating at full capacity and all petroleum products are available according to the prices in force in The market is currently stressing the importance that the state attaches to North Sinai Governorate and the full commitment to overcoming all obstacles facing its citizens and providing all their requirements.

The Ministry indicated that, in the context of efforts to continue to provide the needs of the local market for petroleum products, the petroleum sector recently implemented 6 projects to develop and raise the efficiency of production units in refineries to produce gasoline and butane in (Alexandria, Qalyubia, Assiut and Suez) with investments of about 4.6 billion dollars, and implementation is under way 6 new projects in the governorates of (Assiut, Suez and Alexandria) with a total investment of about $ 7 billion, which contributes to increasing the refining capacity of Egyptian laboratories.

The Ministry of Health denied reports of a severe deficiency in the drug “insulin” and other vital medicines in pharmacies and government hospitals, stressing that there is absolutely no truth to any deficiency in the drug “insulin” or any other vital drugs, stressing the availability of insulin and all vital medicines in the form of Normal in all government hospitals at the level of the Republic, and at higher rates than the previous year, and that the strategic stock of these drugs is reassuring and satisfies the needs of patients from citizens for a period of 6 months.

It also denied the reports about depriving 1500 Egyptian villages of health care, stressing that there is no truth to depriving any of the Egyptian villages of health care, stressing the continuous availability of all necessary medical services for citizens in all health units and government hospitals in the various governorates of the Republic, noting Until that many medical initiatives and caravans were launched with the aim of providing health care to all citizens at the level of the Republic, especially the remote areas and the most needy villages.

The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities denied the rumors about the sale of Umrah visas on the black market, stressing that there is no truth to selling Umrah visas on the black market, explaining that the Egyptian Umrah portal is the only online platform that is specialized in all the procedures for Umrah trips, and that all companies allowed to organize Umrah trips Likewise, all Umrah programs, with their prices, details, and timing, are already registered on the portal, warning citizens against dealing with any company that is not approved in this regard without the Egyptian Umrah portal to preserve their rights..

The Ministry also denied reports about the Ministry of Tourism allocating additional shares to tourist companies from Umrah visas starting from the current month of January 2020, confirming that it is not correct to allocate any additional shares for tourism companies from Umrah visas, explaining that dealing in issuing Umrah visas is through contracts Concluded with Saudi companies to organize Umrah trips approved by the ministry, stressing that issuing any visas outside the portal’s domain is considered a violation by the company that requires signing the penalty legally decided.

The Media Center of the Council of Ministers revealed that, in light of the rumors about the suspension of the activity of some real estate development companies in the new administrative capital for failure to comply with the standard specifications for the implemented projects, the center continued with the new administrative capital company, which denied these reports.


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