SpaceX prepares to test “Dragon Ball” capsule


SpaceX has revealed the support that will be tested on board the Crew Dragon spacecraft, where the unmanned mission will test a biosecurity system designed to protect astronauts during the flight, and SpaceX plans to use its capsule to transport astronauts to and from the International Space Station, but before it happens Moreover, the company must demonstrate that the spacecraft has what it takes to maintain the safety of astronauts in the event of a catastrophic missile failure.

To do this, SpaceX aims to launch an abortion test aboard the capsule on January 18 to show the Crow Dragon launch system designed to pull the capsule free from its missile during an emergency, according to the US space website.

But before the launch of Falcon 9 and Crudragon, SpaceX engineers had to put the missile through a countdown timer, and the nine engines caught fire in the rocket’s first stage, while white smoke billowed around it.

This test, known as the stationary run test, is a standard part of pre-launch procedures, and one of the main milestones before take-off.

Also during the test, the teams carried the Falcon propellant, the kerosene and liquid oxygen, to the missile before igniting the nine Merlin 1D engines in the first stage.

SpaceX successfully wrote the test: “Falcon 9 static fire – which was targeted on January 18 for the Crudragon capsule launch test, will verify the spacecraft’s ability to transport astronauts to safety in the event of an emergency during orbit.”


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