Special- Hassan Shakoush accused of stealing Mohamed Hamaki’s song


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Posted: Tuesday January 14 2020 – 6: 15 | Last update: Tuesday, January 14, 2020 – 16:18

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        The composer Madin decided to sue the sponsors of the "Bint Al Jeeran" festival for infringing intellectual property rights and stealing his song.<p>Median told FilFan.com that he assigned his lawyer, Amir Ghazouly, to take all legal measures against the festival’s sponsors, in order to steal the festival’s melody from his song “A Mustahab” by artist Mohamed Hamaki.

And the composer of the song “Haja Mustaqbeh” continued that what happened is clear transgression, and it is considered a continuation of the state of ignorance and overstretching the creators’ continuous and unending rights, which must be addressed.

Median called for boycotting these festivals and not helping in their spread, because it is a clear theft, and publishing and listening to it is participation in this theft, and that the listener must have this awareness and preserve the true art.

The debtor of the artist Mohamed Hamaki and the residents of “Stars Records” company also called for a lawsuit against the festival’s executors, because they are rights holders and must preserve them.

The song “A Mustajhaba” was released on the album of Mohamed Hamaki, “From My Heart, Rich” 2012, and it has achieved on YouTube more than 65 million views so far.

His song, Mohamed Hamaki, is called “A Mustahabb”.

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