Special program for Badji qualification and one condition for the player to enter the contractors match list


Entrusted to the Swiss coach Rene Vyler For my family Fellow countryman Michel Bennkell, the team’s physical load coach, developed a special program to qualify the new team striker, Alliu Badji, for the next two days, to be ready to participate in group training and then official matches where the team needs the efforts of Senegalese players to lead the attack.

Al-Ahly announced the inclusion of Senegalese Alliot Badji, striker of the Austrian Rapid Vienna team for 4 and a half years starting this month, and the player arrives with Amir Tawfiq to Cairo this evening to conduct the necessary medical examinations and examinations tomorrow, then join the team’s training in preparation for participating in the upcoming matches according to a vision art Device.

The player’s position on team training will be determined according to his technical and physical condition, as the coach wants to include the new player in the Red Genie list in the contractors match scheduled for next Sunday in the Premier League, but this will be determined in light of his physical and technical condition.

It is scheduled that Elio Badji, the Rapid attacker, Vienna, Austria, will arrive in Cairo this evening after Al-Ahly contracted him for four and a half seasons, starting from January this year. Al-Ahly officials are restricting the new Senegalese deal in the coming hours locally and in Africa.

Al-Ahly succeeded in including Badji after the intense negotiations conducted by Prince Tawfiq, the manager of contracts for Al-Ahly with the Rapid Administration in Vienna and with the player himself during the past days and resulted in the completion of the deal, as he ended the procedures for contracting with the player for four and a half seasons and all details will be announced within the few hours Next, Badji becomes the second red deal after completing the Mahmoud Abdel Moneim Kahraba deal during the ongoing winter Mercato.

Badji is 22 years old, and the Senegalese player is scheduled to arrive in Cairo today evening, Thursday. Then, Al-Ahly announces the details of the deal that Amir Tawfiq, director of contracts for Al-Ahly, traveled to Austria during the past two days before he succeeded in settling the matter once and for all.

And “The Seventh Day” is informed that Rene Fyler intends to include Badji in the Al-Ahly list in the contractors match in order to adapt to the atmosphere of the team and the camps and to be ready for the big challenge in the match of the coastal star on January 26 this stadium in Al-Salam in the fifth round of the group stage in the African Champions League, a game that Al-Ahly is playing Motivated by victory only in order to preserve his chances of qualifying for the quarter-finals of the Champions League, but the inclusion of the player in the list of the contractors match will be determined tomorrow permanently.

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