Spokesperson for the “Al-Wefaq Government” forces: We detected gunfire, mobilization, and overflight of flying planes in Tripoli




A spokesman for the forces of the Libyan National Accord government, Colonel Mohamed Kanounou

The Libyan National Accord government forces spokesman, Mohamed Kanounou, said on Tuesday (January 14th) that a breach of the ceasefire was recorded by the “Libyan National Army” forces in the Ramallah and Salah al-Din axes.

Mohamed Kanounou added in a statement published on the official page of “Operation Volcano Anger” on the social networking site “Facebook”, that the forces of the reconciliation government “responded to the sources of the fire.”

He also mentioned the monitoring of the “Libyan army” rallies, along with flight flying in the skies of the capital, Tripoli, following: “Our forces are fully prepared to respond with force.”

Kanunu also accused the “National Army” forces of firing some shells indiscriminately behind the lines of Al-Wefaq forces, towards the residential neighborhoods.

Earlier, Kanunu said, “Haftar forces are continuing with the build-up,” warning of the dangers of a ceasefire collapse.

He explained that “the reconciliation forces are committed to the orders of the operation command and maintain their positions and are ready to respond.”

Source: RT

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