Sports news at night .. Al-Ahly pursues the counterfeit legally .. Zamalek restricts alternative to Al-Naqaz .. new coach for Barcelona


Sada Al-Balad has published many sports news in the past hours, which witnessed important events and exchanges of statements between elements of the sports community, and they were as follows:Hani Hathout: Mohamed Awad to leave Zamalek Club on this date .. Details
The journalist, Hani Hathout, confirmed that Mohamed Awad, the goalkeeper of the first team of the Zamalek football club, wants to leave the White Castle.

Shawqi Al-Saeed: I intentionally hurt Walid Suleiman in the top game … and Hussam Hassan deceived us with magic … video
Shawky Al-Saeed, former defender of the first football team in the former Zamalek club, confirmed that he did not intend to hit any player with a concussion, or broken face, but he played roughly without intending to harm.

Al-Ahly legally pursues the owner of the crisis of Abdul Hafeez and Hamada Sidqi
Muhammad Uthman, the legal advisor to Al-Ahly Club, confirmed that it was the board of directors of the Red Fort headed by Mahmoud Al-Khatib, who instructed him to submit a communication to the competent authorities, to reveal the identity of some of the people who run pages that broadcast fake materials.

Zamalek restricts Kasongo instead of Hamdi El-Naqaz
The Zamalek club football management settled in the name of the Congolese captain, Kasongo, the team striker who returned to the team after his contract with the Moroccan club Wydad was replaced by Tunisian Hamdi Al-Naqaz, the right back of the white team.

The Spanish Super .. Simeone defends Valverde and confirms: he did the right thing
Argentine coach Diego Simeone, the first coach of Atletico Madrid soccer team, defended the Real Madrid player Federico Valverde, who missed the opportunity to crown the Spanish Super, when Alvaro Morata hindered his team striker in a goalkeeper.

Signing contracts within hours .. Kiki Sittin succeeding Valverde at Barcelona command
FC Barcelona announced through its official account on social media, that Ernesto Valverde had been dismissed from the team’s training, 5 months before the end of his contract at Camp Nou, which runs until June 2020.

Mexican wrestler dies of wounds after wrong jump | Watch
The famous Mexican wrestler, “La Barca”, known as the world of recreational wrestling in skeleton attire, died at the age of 54.


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