Sports news .. the fact that Elli Badji was sent off from Al-Ahly striker .. and the death of the Egyptian player


Sada Al-Balad published throughout the day, Thursday, a group of sports news about new events on the local sports scene, which came as follows:Alaa Abdel-Aal reveals the fact that Elio Badji, Al-Ahly striker, was expelled from the Ministry of Interior

– Alaa Abdel-Al, the technical director of the Interior Ministry, revealed the fact that he expelled the new Senegalese striker, Elio Badji, the Al-Ahly club’s new striker, from the tests that had taken place 4 years ago in the Interior.

Schubert reveals the scenes of Azaru’s wrath in Al-Ahly

– The media, Ahmed Schoubert, revealed the scenes of the heavy penalty imposed by the technical staff of the first team football in Al-Ahly Club on its Moroccan striker Walid Azzaro.

A young player in Al-Masry Club died from a heart attack

– Abd al-Rahman Hamdan, the youth of Al-Masry Club, died today, Thursday, after a heart attack. The 19-year-old fell unconscious while participating in a five-a-side football match in the Hunting Club.

The Football Association decides the controversy of Abdullah Al-Saeed entering the Hundred Club

– Abdullah Al-Saeed, the star of the first football team in the Pyramids Club, entered the centenary club in his career in the league competition, through playing the Ismaili, Al-Ahly and Pyramids clubs.

Al-Ahly continues to top .. Premier League standings after round 13

– The thirteenth round of the Egyptian Premier League soccer tournament ended with a tie for Pyramids and Alexandria, with a goal in the match that took place at the Alex Stadium in Alexandria.

Carteron holds a session with some Zamalek players for this reason

– French coach Patrice Carteron, the first team coach of the Zamalek football club, held a session with some of the substitutes players during the past days.


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