Stars and makers of a secondary girls’ film hosted by Sada Al-Balad .. Pictures


The stars and creators of the movie “Secondary Girls” were guests on Sada Al-Balad, days after it was released in theaters, and it achieved a remarkable critical and public acclaim.

The film’s protagonists, Jamila Awad, Mai El Ghaiti, and Mayan El Sayed, talked about the difficulties they faced in presenting characters close to Tabaqat. Social Different popularity.

The director Mahmoud Kamel and the author Ayman Salama also touched on their keenness not to slip into judging the characters of the film, which represent real models that they spotted during the preparation process for the film.

As for producer Ahmed Al-Sobky, he stressed his constant desire to provide valuable works that dive into the details of Egyptian society, stressing that censorship praised the film and demanded its screening in schools.

“Secondary Girls” starring Jamila Awad, Mai Al-Ghaiti, Hanadi Muhanna, Hoda Al-Mufti, Mayan Al-Sayed, Muhammad Al-Sharnoubi, Muhammad Mahran, Tamer Hashem, and written by Ayman Salama, directed by Mahmoud Kamel, and produced by Ahmed Al-Sabki.


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