Starting tomorrow, Microsoft ends support for Windows 7 operating system


Millions of computers will stop receiving security updates starting tomorrow, as Microsoft ends its support for its Windows 7 operating system, and computers running Windows 7 will still work, but the American company will not provide technical support, software updates, or security fixes, and the company will use alerts Popup Pop-up Full screen on devices running the ten-year-old operating system to try to persuade users to move to the newer Windows 10.

According to the British “Daily Mail” website, Windows 7 is still the second most used operating system after Windows 10, as it has a market share of more than 25 percent, while Windows 10 holds 55 percent of the market..

The alerts will also advise customers to purchase a new PC so that they can use the Windows 10 operating system.The company also offers smaller popup reminders about the upcoming change since April 2019, but it will now be full screen and cannot be ignored.

The notification will remain on the screen until users interact with it, giving them the option to “learn more” or reply instead “remember me later” or “don’t remember me again”“.

Cyber ​​security experts have warned Windows 7 users against avoiding the use of a laptop or computer in Internet banking or e-mail, explaining that after stopping security updates and fixes, it will be less safe, so a more modern smartphone or tablet should be used if they cannot From getting a new computer.

Jake Moore, a company cybersecurity specialist ESET: “Without Microsoft’s support for your computer it is like driving without insurance on the car, you can still use the car, but you will be in a difficult situation if anything happens.”“.

The warning of continuing to use Windows 7 will appear in versions Starter And Home Basic And Home Premium And Professional And Ultimate, And will not

Microsoft said in a post through its official blog: “While you can continue to use your Windows 7 computer without continuing software and security updates, you will be more vulnerable to infection with viruses and malware. Adhering to Windows 7 after support ends opens the door. In front of problems like computer viruses and you will not receive technical support from Microsoft, so the best way to keep security is the Windows 10 operating system. “

In preparation for the update, Microsoft recommends that users backup their files, get advice on Windows 10 and check out the latest computers.


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