Statement by the Queen of Britain regarding the crisis Prince Harry relinquishing the monarchy


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Buckingham Palace announced that Queen Elizabeth II had agreed with Prince Harry and his wife Megan on a “transition period”.

A statement to the queen said: “There are some complex issues that need to be resolved, and there is more work to be done, but I requested that Final decisions In the coming days”.

Queen Elizabeth II approved the “transition period” for Harry and Meghan, as they were allowed to move between Canada and the United Kingdom, after the “constructive” royal summit, as described in the statement.

According to Reuters, Britain’s Queen Elizabeth agreed to give up her grandson Prince Harry and his wife Megan On their royal duties to lead a more independent life, after talks in which the most prominent members of the royal family participated.

And she said The Queen (93 years old) In a statement, “My family and I fully support Harry and Meghan’s desire to start a new life as a young family.”

“Although we would have preferred to remain two active members In the royal family All the time, we respect and understand their desire to lead a more independent life as a family while staying as part of his and his dignity in my family. “

The Queen explained that there will be a transition period during which the couple spends time between Britain and Canada, noting that there is a need to do more work on ending Future arrangements For the couple.

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