Stephen King in the crosshairs


Once again, the Academy Awards were not spared criticism for their failure to nominate color women and artists in the 2020 race. But the brilliant American writer and author in the field of horror, Stephen King (1947), had a different position. In a tweet he posted on his official Twitter account, yesterday, Tuesday, he talked about the three Oscars he could nominate: the best movie, the best adapted scenario and the best original scenario.

He said that diversity is not taken into account as a member of the “Academy of Film Arts and Sciences” when they carry out this task: “I will never think of diversity in artistic matters. “It’s just about quality … It seems to me that doing otherwise would be a mistake.”
As soon as King published these words, he was met with a wave of denunciations by prominent names in Hollywood. Director Ava Dovernay described his comments as “backward and ignorant”, while writer Roxane Gaye expressed her disappointment with these words.

Later, the author of The Shining later tried to clarify his comments, saying he believed in giving people a good chance, adding: “You can’t win prizes if you’re out of the game.” However, there were those who did not consider that what he said was sufficient, among them the former advisor to the former US President Barack Obama, Brittany Bucknett, who considered in a tweet that the way in which we “measure quality” is still restricted to a certain category … this representation is imperfect when it is a destination White look alone among the options available ».


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