Still a virgin .. Surprises at the death of an elderly woman by a 17-stab girl


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Monday 13 January 2020

Books – Muhammad Shaban:

Investigations by the security services at the Giza Security Directorate, headed by Major General Mahmoud al-Sabili, revealed surprises in the killing of a Steny driver by a girl.

The beginning is due to Colonel Mohamed Salama, the warden of the Giza department, a signal from the Najda police that an unpleasant smell is being emitted from an apartment in the department’s department.

A security force moved under the supervision of Brigadier General Osama Abdel-Fattah, head of the West Sector Investigations, and the inspection of Colonel Mohamed Al-Shazly, the detective inspector, and Major Mustafa Makhlouf, the division’s agent, revealed that the body of a 62-year-old driver named Nabil was lying on her back, with 17 stabs in the chest and abdomen And back.

Major General Sameh Al-Hamili, Deputy Director of the Giza Investigation Department, formed a research team headed by Major Amr Farouk, head of the Giza Investigation Department, to uncover the circumstances of the incident.

The research and investigation efforts led by Major Hisham Fathi, the two Captain Ahmed Youssef, and Karim Abdel Razek, aides of the Giza Investigation, concluded that behind the incident was a 19-year-old girl named “Israa”, who lives in the same street as the crime, and was hesitating about his residence.

After codifying the procedures, it was possible to arrest the accused, who confessed to his crime because of the victim’s threat to expose it, and to publish photos and clips that appear inappropriately, adding that she asked him to end the matter and hand it over to her because of her engagement, but he refused and got rid of him in that way.

The defendant said in the investigations that she is a virgin, confirming the lack of sex “a full relationship” with the victim.

The necessary minutes were prepared, and the Public Prosecution office was informed of the investigation.

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