Sudanese army tanks enter the Kafouri neighborhood in Khartoum to besiege the rebels (video)


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Today, Tuesday evening, the Sudanese army reinforced its deployment in the capital, Khartoum, as it deployed tanks as part of its actions to counter the insurgency of elements of the General Intelligence Service.

The Sudanese army entered several tanks in the Kafouri neighborhood, where the operations headquarters of the intelligence agency are located.

The Kfoury neighborhood witnessed, earlier on Tuesday, an exchange of fire between intelligence agents who refused to hand over the headquarters to the army and security forces.

The reinforcement of the army in the area comes as a 4-hour deadline for the rebels to lay down arms and surrender approaches.

Witnesses in the capital, Khartoum, reported minutes ago that they heard the sound of gunfire and shells in the north of the city, where a group of employees of the intelligence service were holed up.

Identical sources reported that the army and the Rapid Support Forces besieged a rebel group of intelligence agency operations that had been holed up in the building since this morning.

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