Suddenly appeared … a document from the Lebanese Ministry of Labor for the murder of Nancy Ajram’s villa could resolve the case


Without introductions, the document showing the residence of the Syrian citizen, the murdered villa of Nancy Ajram, and carrying personal data for the Syrian Mohamed Hassan Al-Mousa, may reveal the truth.The document was widely circulated, and some commented on the document that it would be considered by Lebanese law, in favor of Nancy and her husband Fadi Al-Hashem, as it appeared in the residence, which is usually temporary and submitted to Syrian nationals from the Lebanese Republic, that its history has expired since last September, and it has not been completed Renewing it, which indicates that the dead man was not entitled to work in Lebanon, whether at the house of Nancy, her husband, or others.

And MTV had previously published a video clip showing the face of the house storming before putting the mask on his face, and she said that the video shows the thief of Ajram and Al-Hashim’s house, as it appeared in a new clip circulating about a person wandering on the main street before approaching the walls of the house, except He did not reveal whether or not this person entered the home.


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